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SIBOR GLOBAL BUSINESS COUNCIL Field Guides for Global Business

Field Guide to REALTORS® and the Global Marketplace
Many successful real estate professionals have discovered the benefits and values of the world of international real estate. If you are thinking about going global or have already ventured into this arena, this Field Guide will provide you with tips for locating and working with international clients, etiquette, cross-cultural business guides and international networking opportunities.

Field Guide to Business Etiquette When Working with Other Cultures
Get to know your buyer as well as their property requirements, hobbies and culture. Then, prepare for potential questions your clients may have. Such questions include the cost of living, educational opportunities, healthcare system and possibly things to do in the area.  Succeeding in the global real estate market entails a lot of patience and respect for cultural differences. Consumer behavior is strongly influenced by culture, where the western culture is different from the eastern culture. Thus, understanding the clients’ customs is one major skill that directs the success of acquiring an international buyer.

Field Guide to Foreign Investment Trends in the U.S.

Despite potential risks, cross-border investment is expected to accelerate as domestic investors seek high returns abroad and foreign investors take advantage of a weakened dollar. The steadily rising influx of capital into U.S. markets and limited supply of product have altered the way the game is played. This Field Guide offers information and sources for those considering foreign investment opportunities.

Field Guide to Doing Business with Israel
Real estate in Israel is widespread and beautiful. Miles of beaches and beautiful historic cities mark part of this Middle East country. High-rise apartments and charming bungalows make up the rest. Each feature there attracts crowds of potential home buyers abroad. That’s why Israel’s real estate is in high demand.

Field Guide to China Real Estate
China has a growing interest in real estate, both in China and in the United States. Wealthy Chinese buyers are investing in bricks and mortar. In this updated Field Guide, you will find Chinese-language real estate listings, current articles about real estate in China, Chinese buyers in the U.S., books and website.